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At J.B. Window Tinting, I have been tinting windows in Tucson for over 33 years. You probably see our Madico window film performing everyday, helping to control solar energy gain in your home or office, reducing the harmful effects of UV radiation on a store’s merchandise, lessening the likelihood of flying fragments from shattered glass, and reducing glare. Madico window films are used to improve comfort, reduce the risk of personal injury and theft, and increase energy savings in buildings and residence worldwide.

We at J.B. Window Tinting know just how bad it can get with our summer temperatures reaching well into the 100’s and even over 110 degrees! After your windows are professionally tinted by J.B. window tinting, you’ll notice an immediate difference in temperature and glare. With over 33 years hands on experience our installers do the best job in Tucson insuring a long lasting top quality job.

After having J.B. Window Tinting tint your windows you will reduce energy costs, balance your temperature/climate control, make your windows shatter resistant, in home, business, and automotive, offer more security/privacy, safe on dual pane windows, and helps you gain control over the unsightly glare from the sun. Our 7 year or lifetime warranty insures you’ll love our work for years to come. Warranted against cracking, peeling, bubbling, de-laminating, or de-metalizing of installed window film.

Protect your investments from the sun and give us a call today!! We’ll be happy to discuss all the options with you.

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