Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting

At J.B. Window Tinting, the best and most experienced commercial window tinting company in town, we know how valuable it can be. We have satisfied commercial business customers for over 28 years. For Commerce, the opportunity to pay less to the Energy Companies that supply their power is an opportunity to increase profit levels for owners and shareholders. The enormous costs of heating and cooling a building which is usually not energy efficient are well known by businesses all over the world. Often the building does not belong to you, so you are restricted in what your business can achieve to save on energy costs. Utilizing window tinting will automatically cut some of those ever rising power company bills, make heating and cooling more efficient, staff more comfortable, and protecting your valuable stock from Solar damage .

Sun, Energy and the Environment —

There are two types of rays that come from the sun that have the capacity to damage. Ultra Violet, and Infra red. It is the Ultra Violet rays that damage furniture, auto interiors, turn paper yellow, etc. The Infra Red rays produce heat. In confined interiors exposed to copious sunshine, like invariably occur in Arizona, the melting of plastics and dashboards are well known – even a cigarette lighter left in a vehicle exposed to full sun can, and does explode. This is where window tinting comes into the picture — the immediate impact from the blocking of these rays effects on your vehicle, home or business, can be felt simply by having J.B. Window Tinting tint your glass.

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