Residential Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting

J.B. Window Tinting knows how valuable glass film can be, after all, you have paid for everything in your house once – carpet, drapes, furniture, etc… Why pay for it all again in 5-7 years due to the harmful Ultra Violet, and Infra red rays of the sun, and intense heat it produces when coming through the glass.

Protect all your belongings by having the security, privacy, and comfort of having your glass tinted. Start saving on your energy bills immediately! Having your residence protected by our top quality film will reduce the stress on your a/c or swamp cooler, increasing the lifespan of the motor and equipment.

Some of the effects of tint are better security, more privacy, safer windows, cooler temperatures, less stress on your cooling equipment, and longer life for your indoor furnishings, such as drapes, carpets, and couches.

Sun, Energy and the Environment —

There are two types of rays that come from the sun that have the capacity to damage. Ultra Violet, and Infra red. It is the Ultra Violet rays that damage furniture, auto interiors, turn paper yellow, etc. The Infra Red rays produce heat. In your houses interior, exposed to intense heat and sunshine, the melting of plastics and cd’s are well known when left in direct sunlight – even a cigarette lighter left exposed to full sun can, and will explode.

This is where we come in to the picture, the immediate impact from the blocking of these rays’ effects on your office, home or business, can be felt simply by having us tint your glass.

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